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Research Projects

Our projects are found via this link and throughout this website and in our publications.
We work on several very interesting seed projects, research interests summaried here.
You can also meet and talk with us at seed conferences.

The picture on the right shows Gerhard, Head of the Seed Science and Technollgy Group, trying to keep a clear view in seed research and climatic change.

Some impressions how work in our lab looks like can be found here.

Gerd, hat of the group

germination plate

Seed germination scoring, often also during night time. Photographer: Johannes Fehrle
  Light chamber

Kerstin checks seed germination plates incubated in a
temperature-controlled light chamber.
Photographer: Johannes Fehrle

Seed dissectioning   Western analysis   Western analysis

Xiaofeng Wang was a senior guest scientist in our lab (2006). Xiafeng dissects seeds for Western analysis.
There is always the chance to obtain interesting band pattern, but how to interpret them ...

Microarray   CATMA microarray hybridized with a probe generated from seed mRNA.

Collaboration between the Seed Biology Group Leubner and
Dr. Bill Finch-Savage and Dr. Cassandra Cadman
(Warwick HRI, University of Warwick, UK).


AG Leubner Summer 2006

The Seed Biology Group Leubner in Summer 2006. Photographer: Johannes Fehrle

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