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ZAB Zentrum für Angewandte Biowissenschaften
der Universität Freiburg International Society for
Seed Science (ISSS)
ISTA International Seed Testing
Association (ISTA)

Seed Science Research
AoB Plants AoB Plants
open-acess, on-line-only journal
vSEED Project Portal
European Seed Systems Biology Network
Nottingham, Freiburg, Leeds, and Wageningen/Utrecht
Holdsworth lab Seed Lab Portal
Mike Holdsworth
University of Nottingham (UK)
Warwick HRI
Seed Sience Group
Bill Finch-Savage
Warwick University (UK)
Paul Knox Lab Cell Wall Lab
Paul Knox
University of Leeds (UK)
MPI Koeln Maarten Koornneef and Wim Soppe
Max-Planck-Institut für Züchtungs-
forschung, Köln (Germany) Michael Kruse
Saatgutwissenschaft und Technologie
Universität Hohenheim (Germany)
GPZ GPZ - Gesellschaft für
Pflanzenzüchtung e.V. (Germany) Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Anerkennungsstellen
für landwirtschaftliches Saat- und Pflanzgut
VDLUFA VDLUFA - Verband Deutscher Landwirtschaftlicher Untersuchungs- und Forschungsanstalten
Millenium Seed Bank Projekt
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
Ilse Kranner
Wakehurst Place (UK)
IPK IPK Gatersleben (Germany)
Andreas Börner
Crop Plant Genbank
Logo Paris Laboratory of Applied Plant Physiology
Christophe Bailly and Francoise Corbineau
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris (France)
KLaus Mummenhoff Lepidium and Brassicaceae
Klaus Mummenhoff Lab
University Osnabrück (Germany) Plant Evolutionary Biology
Charles Knight
Cal Poly State University (USA)
Theissen Lab Plant Evolutionary Genetics
Gunther Theißen Lab
University Jena (Germany)
Uwe Fischer, Juliane Meinhard
Einbeck (Germany)
Benary Ernst Benary Samenzucht GmbH
Hann. Münden (Germany)
Henk Hilhorst Seed Lab Wageningen
Henk W. Hilhorst and Leonie Bentsink
Wageningen Agricultural University (NL)
Germplasm Bank Molise Germoplasm Bank Molise
Stefania Scippa and Elisa Petrollini
University of Molise (Italy)
Nonogaki Integrative Seed Biology
Hiro Nonogaki
Oregon State University
Corvalis (USA)
Bewley Derek J. Bewley
University of Guelph
Seed proteome website Seed Proteome Labs in
Lyon - Dominique and Claudette Job, and
Paris - Phillippe Grappin, Loïc Rajjou (France) Arabidopsis Seed Proteom
Dominique and Claudette Job
Laboratoire mixte
Lyon (France) Xiaofeng Wang
College of Life Sciences
South China Agricultural University
Guangzhou (P. R. China)
Salamanca Department of Plant Physiology
Dolores Rodriguez and Oscar Lorenzo
University of Salamanca (Spain)
Fraunhofer-Institute (IBMT)
Frank Volke
St. Ingbert (Germany)
Ian T. Baldwin
International Leibniz Research School and
MPI Chemical Ecology Jena (Germany) Seed Research
Marc A. Cohn
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge (USA) Seed Biology
Carol and Jerry Baskin
University of Kentucky
Lexington (USA) Seed Biotechnology Center
Kent J. Bradford
University of California, Davis (USA) Seed Institute -
Lab of Bob Goldberg
University of California,
Los Angeles (USA)
SGSV Svalbard Global Seed Vault
Arctic Genbank Spitzbergen Medicago Seed Lab
Oliver Leprince, Julia Buitink
INRA Angers (France)
IJPB Versailles Seed Biology Laboratory - INRA Versailles (France) Seed Biology, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, The Ohio State University (USA) Bibliography of References Related to Seed Dormancy and/or Germination in Higher Plants
G.M. Simpson, Department of Plant Science, Colege of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
The Seed Biology Electronic Mailing List
Ralph L. Obendorf (Cornell University, Ithaca, USA) Botany online -The Internet Hypertextbook
(University of Hamburg, Germany)

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