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Postal address in England (RHUL):

Seed Biology Group - Group Leubner - Prof Gerhard Leubner
School of Biological Sciences
Royal Holloway University of London
Bourne Building 2-04
Egham, Surrey,
TW20 0EX
United Kingdom

Email, fax and phone:
Phone: ++44-1784-44-3553 (office 3-30 Gerhard Leubner)
Phone: ++44-1784-44-3909 (laboratory 2-04)
Fax: ++44-1784-41-4224 (School of Biological Sciences)

Web: The Seed Biology Place -
University Webpage: Prof Gerhard Leubner

Location:                                                                      For directions and maps with our location click here  

The Seed Biology Group (Group Leubner) is located in the Bourne Building, which is number 31 on the campus plan. We are on the third floor (lab 2-04, office 3-30).

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