Molecular and General Genetics 256: 661-673 (1997)

Transcripts at the mating type locus of Cochliobolus heterostrophus

Gerhard Leubner-Metzger, Benjamin A. Horwitz, Olen C. Yoder, B. Gillian Turgeon

Fig. 8 mating type
Fig. 8A-D MAT-specific and nonspecific transcripts in the MAT region.

Poly(A)+ RNA was probed with fragments (Fig. 1): #13 (A); #7 (B); #43 (C). The gel in D was probed with a cosmid containing MAT-2 DNA flanked on either side by about 16 kb of DNA. Lanes 1, MAT-1 strain C5; lanes 2, MAT-2 strain C3 (A, B, D) or C4 (C). Fragment sizes of lambda DNA digested with HindIII are indicated on the right, RNA marker sizes on the left. MM, minimal medium; CM, complete medium. MAT-specific transcripts are evident at about 2 kb in A. A 1.4-kb transcript is seen in A-C. Several transcripts are evident in D

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