Molecular and General Genetics 256: 661-673 (1997)

Transcripts at the mating type locus of Cochliobolus heterostrophus

Gerhard Leubner-Metzger, Benjamin A. Horwitz, Olen C. Yoder, B. Gillian Turgeon

Figure 4 mating type Fig. 4A-D MAT-specific transcripts start 5' and end 3' of either idiomorph.

Poly(A)+ RNA was analysed from MAT-1 strain C5 (lanes 1) or MAT-2 strain C3 (lanes 2) using the following probes (see Fig. 1).
A Fragment #22.
B Fragment #20.
C Fragment #5.
D Fragment #9.
Probes unique to either the 5'-flank (A) or the 3'-flank (B) detected both of the MAT-specific transcripts, as did probes which overlapped the idiomorph borders (C, D). Sizes of MAT-specific RNAs are indicated on the right [based on comparison with lambda and RNA markers (Fig. 2); fragment sizes of lambda DNA digested with HindIII are indicated on the left)]

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