Molecular and General Genetics 256: 661-673 (1997)

Transcripts at the mating type locus of Cochliobolus heterostrophus

Gerhard Leubner-Metzger, Benjamin A. Horwitz, Olen C. Yoder, B. Gillian Turgeon

Fig. 7 mating type

Fig. 7 5' cDNA sequences aligned with the MAT-2 genomic DNA sequence. Primer sequences are indicated by thin arrows; intron 5' and 3' splice signals and the putative branch sequences are in bold; MAT- specific ORF and uORF nucleotide sequences are boxed; uORF amino acid sequences are shaded; HindIII and PstI restriction enzyme sites are underlined. Sequences were obtained from partial cDNAs GL23/3 (Type I), GL20/3 (Type II), GL20/3 (Type III), GL17/GL5 (Type I or II), and GL13/GL5 (Type III) (Figs. 5 and 6B); the genomic sequence is from Turgeon et al. (1993) with additional data derived from sequencing of the genomic GL25/3 DNA. Note that, in each of the three types of MAT-2 cDNAs, the idiomorph-specific 55-bp intron is spliced out. In Type I, represented by cDNA GL23/3, both the 79-bp and the 63-bp introns are spliced out. A proportion of the Type I transcripts start upstream of the PstI site near primer GL23. For Types II and III, represented by GL20/3 cDNAs of di?erent sizes, the 79-bp intron is not spliced out. Some of these transcripts start within the 79-bp intron sequence near primer GL20. Sequencing con®rmed that in Type II cDNA the 63-bp intron is spliced out, while it is still present in Type III. Approximate transcription starts are indicated by horizontal bars attached to arrows

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