Planta 215: 959-968 (2002)

Seed after-ripening and over-expression of class I ß-1,3-glucanase confer maternal effects on tobacco testa rupture and dormancy release

Gerhard Leubner-Metzger


Fig. 2  In situ immunohistological localization of ßGlu I in mature, dry sense-ßGlu I tobacco seeds. 14-µm cryosections of TKSG7 seeds (a-e) were used to detect ßGlu I as green fluorescence (a,d) with the rabbit anti-tobacco ßGlu I antibody and fluorescence-labeled secondary antibody against rabbit IgG (ALEXA-Fluor488); (d,e) was obtained by confocal microscopy. Red autofluorescence of TKSG7 seeds (b,e), green fluorescence of TCIB1 seeds (f-i) and green autofluorescence of wild-type seeds (j) served as controls. Note that the outer testa layer of the seed was removed before sectioning to decrease the amount of autofluorescence and that the thin inner testa exhibits autofluorescence; endo. = endosperm; cot. = cotyledons; rad. = radicle
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